Twins in Fashion

Two girls started it all and i am sure you all know which ones i am talking about yes THE OLSEN'S .Mary Kate and Ashley shocked us in a good way when they stopped dressing like one another and develop their own personal style.From acting to successful fashion designers Mk and Ash never stop to impress us with their outfit choices.They deserve to be called style icons of our generation.


The Olsen twins are not the only fashionable siblings though, Sama and Haya Abu Khadra ,daughters
of Rula Abu Khadra the founder of ''The art of living ''boutique in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, this girls created a buzz around them when they started scouting for new designers for their mums boutique by themselves at international fashion weeks at the age of 15 , probably the youngest buyers ever.

The other set of siblings comes from the blogosphere Nef and Nat two sisters from Greece who lived in London and now in New York posted  their first blog entry in twinfashionblog at October 2010, two short years later the girls became a tumblr sensation with thousands of re blogs of their photos teaching the word what personal style is. Nef and Nat are frequently featured at every fashion bloggers bible 

Now lets go to my latest obsession Jess and Stef two sisters and owners of howtwolive blog  from Melbourne Australia, this two love to coordinated outfits on purpose to create the twining trend and their blog is becoming the next big thing,definitely the ones to watch.

Last but not least a male set of twins coming again from Australia, male models Jordan and Zac aka the Stenmark twins.The Stenmarks started modeling in 2011 and by then they work with the crem de la crem of the fashion industry scoring Vogue Hommes Japan cover and editorials for L'Officiel Homme Paris and Abercrombie and Fitch campaign.

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