For the first time Chanel No. 5

Brad Pitt is the new face for the iconic and most renowned perfume of all times!For the first time a man will be the face of the perfume following in the footsteps of Coco Chanel ,Catherine Deneuve ,Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou. The brand chose Brad because no actor alive whose talent ,popularity and looks are as legendary as Pitt's in the same way that no other perfume compares by Chanel No. 5.The perfume was created by Ernest Beaux  and it was named No.5 because it was the fifth sample in line and it was the one that Coco Chanel chose!According to some she also chooses the number 5 because of its magical luck giving qualities.Learn the history of this iconic perfume in this 4 minutes- must see- video below!! Enjoy


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