Pick your team with LPD Les plus dores


Now you can show your love for your favourite designer by wearing an LPD NYC t-shirt.
Les Plus Dores is a street wear brand created by Benjamin Sydney Fainlight.In an interview with Papermag.com Benjamin was asked how he came up with the idea for these t-shirts he answered : 

"I had the idea one night last year when I realized there was no way for someone to show they loved a brand like Céline except for spending a couple grand to buy a Luggage bag or a runway jacket. The whole jersey concept seemed to make sense because it's an easy and direct way to show your love for [Céline's] Phoebe Philo, and it implies savviness because only some of the people who see you will know what the shirt means. I also love jerseys because they're something iconically street and American, making the combination with high fashion names and brands a nice collision of worlds. "

I find these t-shirts a great idea and a very now idea after all the Homies and Ballin frenzy the Lpd tees are a fresh way to show your love and support to your favorite designer. Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy posted a photo of the team Tisci shirt on his instagram and a bunch of people from the Givenchy Paris office bought them when they first came out, so if Riccardo approves so do we.

When in stock you can find them here  .(the online store opens today so hurry up)

special thanks to Benjamin the creator of LPD for providing the photos above.

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