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attitude unique
photo  by Nicolas Andreou  styled by Maria Ioannou 

We catch up with the lovely Eraclia the owner of Attitude Unique . A smart girl (she studies Medicine.! ) , funny , Beautiful and most of all stylish but in her own of course ''UNIQUE'' way.
In the interview below she tells us about her favorites (models,magazine,photographer,designer) 
and also why she name her blog Attitude Unique !


* Why you decided to start a fashion blog?
Fashion Blogging was not a decision. It all started as a way to write down some of my thoughts and ideas – and unfortunately I got many in the area of fashion. I did not wake up one day and say “Well let’s start blogging.” and I've never aimed to be a fashion icon.

 I own this blog since 2010, and as you can see from the first posts, I loved writing articles for many kind of things. I had no aim to show people trends or “what to wear”, and even my outfit posts are more to inspire and show people that using imagination is better than copying or imitating bloggers, singers or whatever style you can think of.

*  Why you choose to name your blog Attitude Unique?
Attitude is – in my opinion – more important than clothes on its own. You can wear the most impressive dress in the world and look ugly and miserable. The fact is that, if you have the attitude, you can be fashionable wearing your pyjamas.

I didn't want to give a name with the words “Style” or “Fashion”, I find it too cliche. 
About Uniqueness NOW: well it’s all we have at the end of the day and as a wise man once said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

* How would you describe your style?

The thing that’s for sure, is that I’m not a girly girl. Chunky, boyish, boho and hippie things are my favorite  Give me pants and I’ll be happy. But I love trying and mixing even If it’s not the safe “STYLE”. My target is to make it be. I can wear – almost – everything.  From Boyish jeans until mini skirts with ballerinas, but I always try to put in the outfit something that will define me. Always without too much effort. But since I am not really good in describing myself, I will let you do that!:)

* Favorite model?

Male or Female?  So by far Jon Kortajarena is my many years-old love – even if he is not a brunette-. And my favourite lady? Well, no it’s not Cara! Emily Didonato, and not only because of her faultless face, BUT because  she’s a dude!

* Favorite magazine?

I can not choose one! Of course “It’s Vogue before it’s Fashion”, but I have to admit that I love small magazines too. I fully recommend you GREY/BLACK online magazine! It’s fresh, unique and made with passion and love – said with experience. 

After all, I want to buy not just the name but quality. I love good editorials, not just a good cover!

* Favorite photographer?

 I cannot say that I have one favorite  I love the free spirit of Terry Richardson, the professionalism of Mario Testino and personally I am proud of a photographer from my country that makes every photo look like a piece of art, Filep Motwary.

* Who are your favorite designers?

 I just realized that I got a problem with choosing favorites  I am not the type of person that sticks to a shop, or a designer – every collection has something different to give. I might chose Marc Jacobs, as lately I got many of his stuff in my wish and buy list.

* Who inspires your wardrobe and why?

My mum was the very first inspiration for me. From a very young age I was exploring her full of colors  materials and styles wardrobe. She passed her love for fashion to me and I hope that one day, I will manage to have the same confidence that she has in choosing her clothes. 

* What do you do when you're not blogging?
Blogging is not my very first job! As I mentioned before is part of my “routine”, my hobby.  I am not a tech-freak. I do not like TV, series etc. I prefer to live things than watching them, as adventure never killed anyone. As you understand I am a travel lover. But for my everyday life? Friends, chocolates are enough! 

* What are your personal favorite blogs? Why?

Man Repeller, even if it sounds cliché! She knows how to catch your attention, as a master-writer. And her style is HER Style. Not another Copycat! I also like some not so popular blogs, because of their originality. I am not excited at all with all the “popular” and “catchy” fashion blogs. You know, the same things recycling again and again. If anyone has to suggest an alternative, I will be pleased to hear it.

* Where are your favorite places to shop?
London is a paradise for shopping. You can find everything you want without labor. So it’s Rome and Berlin. I think I love big capital cities, not only because of the many big, fancy shops, but most because of their little hidden ones, in there you can find really treasures.

* Are there any trends you are particularly inspired by this season?

This season almost everything was a trend. I went for the “mirrored” sunnies, and all the metallic stuff. And of course all the geometrical shapes inspired me a lot. But to be honest, I am not such a trend follower.

* What trend from the past would you like to make a comeback?

High waisted flare Trousers  and crazy headpieces. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

* What clothing item would you say is timeless?

Now I had to say the little black dress. But I won’t. Sorry Karl! Of course is one of the items that a girl should have, but not very one-of-a-kind. If I say a good pair of Jeans? Easy wearable, makes you feel comfy and it’s actually cool with flats or heels. You have the right to disagree – or agree! 

* Thinks you can’t live without?

A camera and my phone. But nowadays phones are smart, so I need only my “smart” device.

I love taking pictures of EVERYTHING. Even the most unimportant things, after all it’s the small abstract things from our everyday life that count. Looking back at them you appreciate things you haven’t appreciated before.

* Most expensive thing you ever bought?

I am not a really good money saver, so I don’t buy many expensive things for myself. One thing I remember at the moment, is a Hermes Bracelet – but was actually present from my parents- told ya!

* What piece you dream of having in your closet?

No, It’s not a Chanel, Hermes, or Loubis. I want a piece that nobody else would ever have! Something made just for me. And the take home message from me : “Don’t let money make your style, have your own!”

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  1. It was such a fun to answer the questions for you! :) Love it and thank you again for hosting me in your love of fashion <3

    1. Glad you like it:) It's my pleasure to feature you x THANK YOU X