The one i met Cara Delevinge

I wasn't in the mood for fashion week i couldn't find anything to wear and i requested invitations from the PR's one week before the shows started.Of course everyone replied that they couldn't accommodate because i requested late.I told my self to pretend that is a normal week like all the other weeks but a friend rang me today and she made me realize what i was missing.The Burberry show was starting at 15:30 o'clock and i left home at 15:00 i was there at 15:50 so i missed everyone arriving.We were standing outside trying to take a sneak peak behind the paparazzi.The show was over and the madness started , paparazzi screaming there lungs out but i managed to concentrate and i saw among others Rita Ora, Keira Knightley Franca Sozzani, Miroslava Duma , Suki Waterhouse exiting the show , i even pointed Olivia Palermo to a paparazzi !!Even if i didn't got a chance to see the show the feeling of being among those people was amazing! I was getting really cold and a bit bored because all the major personalities left but i was wrong!(I don't have lots of favorite models i love Kate Moss and i like some others but one girl managed to make me love her the way i love Kate ,the one and only Cara Delevingne, and she was there in front of me).The paparazzi and the crowd went crazy all you could here was ''Caaraaa ... Caraaa'' everywhere.She was really cool and funny, she was eating a sandwich and talking to her fans she even took a photo with a fan who was crying when he saw her and when she left he told him ''promise me no more tears'' !!
Enough with the talking , here's the photos that I took of Cara outside the Burberry show.
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  1. Ilia sovara oti sto kosmo k na po tha ine ligo! Start getting exciting and start making ur dreams come true. Wake up

  2. Wooow....You are a lucky girl!!
    And how is she?? A little crazy? Love Cara :))
    These pics are in NYC?