Marni at Hm Photo Diary

I left home at 04:00am i arrived outside the shoping center and they were 10 people allready waiting outside.It was really cold but i guess we have to suffer for fashion!At 06:30am the doors opened and we got inside the shopping center ,we walked to H&M and stand outside until 08:00 am the staff came out of the shop and gave as a papered wrist bracelet with a time limit on it.I managed to be in group one!After we got our bracelets we went to grab a coffee and rest a bit.At 09:10 the doors of heaven opened and the frenzy begun.I was lucky to get everything i wanted and also to buy some stuff for friends thanks to my 2 partners in crime Yiota and Stalo which i thank so much for their help!Check out our shopping  while listening to the song below!

Fashion-Gadget geeks in front of me in the line

1st group and some starbucks

sunny Birmingham



womens tshirt

mens tshirt

black necklace

camel leather bag

the interior of the bag

statement necklace a piece of art

white flowers necklace with leather strap


mens handbag

the interior of the bag

Stalo my partner in crime

Marni Maniac

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