The Dolce&Gabanna Repeat

Remember one year ago when everyone was excited to see the first Emmanuel Alt's Vogue Paris cover and they saw  Gisele wearing the same dress that appeard  in two other Vogue covers.The white  lace Dolce&Gabanna dress appeard in  the German and Spanish edition of Vogue.Now one year later we have another Dolce&Gabanna  dress reapeat again in the same magazine.Vogue Japan's March covergirl Bianca Balti is wearing the same Dolce dress as Vogue Turkey's cover girl Karolina Kurkova.And the question spining through my head who to blame?The Dolce&Gabanna PR team or the Conde Nast family?If you ask my oppinion my vote goes to  Japan's Cover.

UPDATE 8/02/12
Marie Claire's March issue is out with Eva Mendes on the cover wearing guess what?The  same Dolce&Gabanna dress as the Vogue cover girls.

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